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Why does web design have value for your visitors?

The first impression
When a visitor gets to your website, the design of it is the first impression they get. With these impressions, it works the same as when you meet someone you don’t know.
Within the first few seconds, your brain forms an opinion about what you see. If the person you see looks unappealing, your mind quickly creates a negative impression. For your website, this principle works the same.

Web design helps to build authority and trust
A website should guide your visitor. On the way, the site should answer all the questions your visitor may have. When entering a website for the first time, most users start with not knowing you at all. On the customer journey over your site, they must understand your offer. And, to accept your offer, they must trust your company. A well-designed website helps the visitor during this process.

Everybody does it
Agreed, your company differs from another one. However, almost every company in the world has a website. Websites are around for some time now. In the last ten years, sites have been evolved quite a bit.
Consequently, some of these websites look outdated. Not only is the design itself outdated. Also, the optimization possibilities alongside ranking factors are significantly restricted with certain website builds.
If your site looks worse than that of your competitors, sooner rather than later, this will turn against you and be the cause of declining numbers.

Web design helps SEO and CRO
The design of your website should be search engine friendly. The way you publish content or how you use certain design elements influences the results of your SEO.
If you are suffering from a low conversion rate, the look of your website may play a part. The user might find that your website looks too old or unattractive to be considered a trustworthy site. Website design is an excellent service for improving the trust of visitors. As a result, the conversion rate increases.

Web design helps you in showing being a professional firm
When you are designing, no matter what it is (like a website, or a new car, or a clothing cabinet, or even a book), you must consistently apply specific rules and practices to get a proper, usable design. We talk about a style guide here.
The style guide for a website is an overview of all the used elements. It describes your decisions on which typography to use. And, on where to use it. Decisions about font size, line heights, colors, and so on. If you use a style guide, you make sure that all your header-tags have the same format. It describes which combination of colors must be used at your homepage. And on the other pages. It gives guidelines for the header and footer.

All in all, a style guide makes sure that the design of your website looks very consistent. And this consistency has the effect of professionalism on your visitor. As a result, a properly designed website helps your firm showing to the outside world that you are a professional firm.

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