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Linkbuilding introduction

Linkbuilding, another tool in our toolset to have your website ranked higher in Google. Before we can explain what it is and what we can do to help you with Linkbuilding, we have to tell you more about Google. Google ranks a page based on more than 200 characteristics. An important one here is the metric of how often other websites mention your website. In other words, how relevant is your website seen “through the eyes” of other websites. 

To measure this, Google calculates how many times other websites are linking to your site. 

Type of links for Linkbuilding

To complicate matters, Google also looks at how relevant the website is for the business your business is in. Just assume that you have a CPA-business.  When a directory for CPA businesses mentions your CPA-business, this is a relevant link. The same goes for when your firm has links from CPA blogs. However, when a less-relevant website mentions your business, the link you receive from it will have less value in the eyes of Google. Less relevant sites for a CPA business might be holiday sites, or (spam) blogs from people located elsewhere in the world.

The more relevant a linking business is to your business, the more value this link will add to your company.

What is Linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is the technique that digital marketing agency Denver uses to get your company mentioned at as many relevant sites as possible. So the relevancy of the website plays a role, and the number of links you need plays a role. That last one, the number of links that you need depends mainly on what your competition is doing. If they have a lot of relevant links, you need more than they have if you want to rank them out. If your competitors don’t have quality links, you don’t need many to outrank them. As a result, Linkbuilding helps us in ranking your site. Therefore, it is beneficial for SEO purposes. 

Long-time strategy

Linkbuilding is considered a long-term strategy. From the moment that you start with actively working at Linkbuilding, it generally takes 3-12 months to provide results. Although that might seem a long time, the benefit is that, when building correctly, the results will last longer.

Linkbuilding strategies

Linkbuilding done well, is a complicated and time-intensive matter. 

Here we tell you a bit more about the technical working of it; however, you could also easily skip the text hereunder.

We target the links through so-called anchor texts. To do so, we plant the link within text that is relevant to keywords that you want to rank for. Some keywords are more interesting than others in terms of money-making potential. We will focus on planting links nearby or within these keywords.

Another aspect we pay attention to is how Google measures the amount of traffic that your website gets from specific keywords in relation to the traffic that your competitors get. When your website gets a larger number of traffic (than your competitors), this counts as a ranking factor. Google measures very closely how people interact with search results. So, gaining these links through websites that will convert that potential traffic into clicks to your site will make a significant difference.  

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