Copywriting and Keywords

Two critical components for your website are the written content (also called copywriting) and the used keywords.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of content creation. Therefore, it is part of content marketing. Content marketing is the all-inclusive naming for content like written content, audio, video, blog posts, and the activities on all types of social media.

What are Keywords?

You are writing with words (duh!). Keywords are those words that attract users of websites use when they are searching for something. This something could be a product or a service. As a result, productive copywriting uses as much as possible of the keywords that the target visitor uses.

In this respect, it is good to mention that the so-called keyword-stuffing is not allowed by Google. Keyword-stuffing is the bad habit of naming the keywords all the time.

As an example, when we write about online digital marketing, and we mention these three words more than once or twice on a page, Google will give us bad marks. And with these bad marks, it will be tough to rank high.

Also, keep in mind that when you are copywriting, you write for the user. And the user is not a search engine. The user should be able to absorb your stuff easily. If not, then we are back at the hindrances, as mentioned earlier, and the user might wish to leave too soon.

The art of copywriting

Back to copywriting, we can say that this is the art of connecting your target audience with your business. Good copy entices your audience. It makes them want more and more of it. Good copy brings your audience value. It makes them want to continue reading effortlessly. To get this type of result, the stuff written on your site should be compelling. If not, you are out. The copywriting team of Digital Marketing Agency Denver takes care of keyword research and copywriting for your company.

Not solitary

Copywriting and Keywords are no individual actions. They entangle with other areas concerning your website. For instance, SEO and CRO are influenced by copywriting. Doing SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you need to use the correct keywords to attract the search engine. We use keyword research to find out what your users are typing when they search for services or products you offer. These are the words that you use in describing your products and services. And the words you are using when communicating with your customers, prospects, and employees. And, although you might be an expert in your business, you could be surprised by what keywords people are typing in, in trying to find you.

Doing CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization, you might find out that visitors are dropping out in masses at a specific paragraph. Rewriting it might be the solution. This rewriting is copywriting.

Maximize the performance of your website

Copywriting and Keywords are two major essential loots at your website tree. If you do them well, you will maximize the performance in the search results of Google. And not for just a day, but during a long and sustainable period.

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