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Digital Marketing Denver

We assume that you already know that digital marketing agencies can offer a lot of services?

Our internet marketing industry has invented a number of intelligent sounding names to impress you. Promise: we will only use them sparsely. The current state of your business combined with where you want it to go to, is our goal. To get it there, we have to make use of some tools. If you cannot wait to see our tools and services then please find them here:
link to our services.

How we proceed
When you decide to choose for us, and we believe there is a fair chance we will be able to help you, we start by asking you some questions. Most of our questions will be asked via email or phone. After being in business for more than 25 years, we have found out two contradictory facts. First, shaking hands and looking each other in the eyes, improves the relationship. However second, traveling to companies is often rather time and money inefficient. For both, you and us. As a “digital” marketing agency we prefer to work digitally. And if needed we will make use of video to see each other. If you like to know more about us straight away then go here: link to about us.

What does Digital Marketing Agency Denver do?

There are a lot of services that we offer to take advantage of all channels and visibility options available. Just some of the channels that digital marketing agency Denver firms utilize are:

SEO is the ideal solution for digital marketing agencies thanks to the long-lasting benefits and results that it provides. With SEO Denver services, you would be looking at the highest Return of Investment over the longest possible period, but you will also be looking at the overall highest investment cost and time. With SEO, you want to make sure that you are completely future proofed, and that all results are built to last over the next 10 years. This will take significant resources.

CRO an abbreviation for Conversion rate optimization is a critical service that helps you get more conversions from your current traffic. In other words, you will earn more money with your already existing customer base.
You can have a website that looks beautiful with amazing content and advertising strategies. Your website may even already rank with the correct keywords necessary for high profit.
However, a site must convert clicks into calls or entry forms. With conversion rate optimization, you will be able to turn those increased clicks into calls, ensuring more sales for your company.

Many companies have websites that are severely outdated in both aesthetics and conversion rate. A number of those sites were built many years ago. For that reason, they lack the relevant and effective call-to-actions that ensure users purchase or contact through your website. We believe that in today’s world, everybody’s clients should look innovative and advanced for the times. You will need to make a great impression, and a greatly designed, modern website will be key. If you are looking for any web design services currently, then contact us today.

Content writing, also known as copy, is one of the pillars for your website. We, Digital Marketing Agency Denver genuinely believe in the power content writing has both for your customers and for search engines. The quality of your copy makes or breaks the readability of your site for users. Also, the usefulness of SEO & CRO is greatly influenced by it.  For this critical matter, we use a team of experienced content writers. This way, we ensure the content of your website is always among the best.

Another pillar that can make or break your end-result is the correct use of keywords throughout your text.  A mixture of long-tail and short-tail keywords works best. But which keywords should you choose for your business? The same ones as your competitor? Will you defy them by doing the same? Your internet marketing company is happy to help! We will help you set up a keyword strategy to make sure to research and target all relevant keywords are researched and targeted at the correct time. This way, your investment in your website will provide results.

To have your website noticed on the web, so that search engines could find it easier, there is a technique called Link building. It is a complement to SEO services.  

Results of Link Building will be found through both, rankings for your website and through direct traffic brought to you from those links. Its results can be expected to take a couple of weeks to months or longer. Nevertheless, it is an essential technique for any website.

Social Media Management is a cost-effective and consistent way for your company to get and stay in contact with customers. It’s also a great way to increase your visibility alongside advertising the value that your company brings to others. 

Digital Marketing Agency Denver offers a large variety of social media services. The main objective is always to maximize the visibility of your company. We use social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and every other platform you can think of to succeed.

Paid social adverts are advertisements you have made for a specific social platform. Each social platform has its own group of users and unique features. It is therefore that each platform should be treated differently.

We help you present your message to the right audience in the right way. 

We are the digital marketing agency in Denver you need to achieve results today.

The importance of Digital Marketing Agency Denver

Marketing Tools & Digital Techniques
We, from your Denver internet marketing company, use a lot of different optimization tools. Examples are: (sorry for the jargon, the explanation follows): SEOCRO, UX, web design, and dedicated marketing at social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to name a few. 
And, apologies for possibly making the whole subject more difficult: all of the marketing techniques connect with each other. You cannot see your web design separate from the user experience (UX). Your presence at social media has a connection with SEO. When posting something at your Facebook page, this could result in a change of your conversion rate. And so on.

If your site doesn’t bring value within seconds, people will leave straight away!

You might think, so what? There are more people....


Google sees a lot
But Mr. Google registers a lot. The almost immediate leave after entering a website is called your “bounce rate.” If the bounce rate is too high in the view of Google, Google will punish you when your website doesn’t apply to what Google wants.

Punishment & Bounce-Rate
To clarify the background behind the punishment: Google wants to give its user the best-ever search-and-find experience. When your bounce rate is too high, your website doesn’t help Google with their goal. And, as they are the owner of the search platform, they will punish everybody who undermines their objectives. The punishment will be that your site won’t be able to rank high. It will show up in the rankings, but maybe on page two. Or three. Or worse. And whatever position it will show up to, your possibilities of turning visitors into new clients will plummet.

Therefore, a website that is easy to navigate by any visitor is a MUST. 

Increase your visibility. Get more customers.

Additional Information

Some additional reasons why you should work with us

Internet marketing is the most integral piece of marketing you could do today. More people than ever are looking on the Internet and their mobile for services than at any other channel. The black book and Yellow Pages are still crucial for older generations. However, 90% of all customers in all industries look online for a product or service. Indeed a number you don’t want to miss!

Online presence
Gaining an online presence is incredibly important if you want to be visible to all possible prospects. A robust online presence on both social media platforms and search engines is necessary for success. That is why we have built our firm on the principle of making our clients as visible as possible. Found on top of Google or active on social media, guarantees to be visible to a massive part of your prospective customer base. With Digital Marketing Agency Denver, you can corner your market, both in Denver and further if you wish.

Other factors
As mentioned, digital internet marketing is key. However, failing the delivery of good quality products or services or even mistreating customers won’t do your business any good. No matter how good your online presence is! In contrast, it is the other way round. If you fail on the product side, you might expect poor reviews. As a result, potential customers will think twice before they start with your company. When your reputation on the Internet is not optimal, we can help you with our reputation building service. 

Choosing a trustable marketing company that can help you with the further growth of your business is challenging. And it makes no difference if you are a local company or if you have a multiple of stores all over the country. Several clients encountered agencies with less morale, and that is bad. Not only for the clients involved but also for the industry as a whole.

We cannot change the behavior of other companies. But what we can do is give our best efforts in helping you earn as many dollars as possible with your investment in digital marketing. And, as we know that these words might sound a bit hollow, we back it up with our guarantee. But before we tell you about it, we would like to inform you about what we cannot guarantee.

What we do NOT guarantee
Guarantees are a tricky part of the digital marketing world. Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee a number one ranking on Google. Any company promising such a thing should be distrusted and avoided like the black plague.

By the way, the search engine Google warns against companies offering this type of guarantee. See here: Google’s official statement.

Secondly, although metrics are important, they also incorporate a risk. Because metrics are unstable. A ranking for a particular keyword can differ from hour to hour er even from minute to minute. There could be a difference in which pc you are using. Or a difference appears when you check your ranking in the morning, and later in the evening.

The (un)importance of ranking
Apart from these inconveniences, it is also the case that the ranking is not THAT important. Consider the following: your company is ranked number one for a certain keyword. But you have no sales although you are at the top spot! Or for another keyword, you are ranking number 5. As a result, you are doing three deals a month, due to your number 5 ranking. Which choice would you make? A no-brainer, right? Consequently, the single focus on ranking number 1 is not smart.

What we DO guarantee
When you trust us with helping your business grow, we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals. We guarantee to be fair with you, and we expect you to be fair with us. We are looking for long-term commitments only. Please have a look at our satisfied customers here. We will communicate weekly or bi-weekly, informing you what we have done. We will charge your company a reasonable fee for our work. Depending on the type of work, our fees lie between $80 and $150 per hour. We want to help your business and earn your trust.

Our Specialization
When you are looking for a specialized marketing agency that knows a thing or two, you have come to the right place. Although online digital marketing services can be applied to almost any business, we have specialized in just a few businesses. Those are financial services like, bookkeeping, accountancy, taxes, and more. Our other expertise is more blue colored by working with companies active in construction and maintenance. Examples here are plumbing, painting, paving, concrete and more! 

A few questions
But before you read any further, we would like to ask you some questions. No worries, you don’t have to answer them! 🙂 They are meant to give you an idea about what we think is important for your business. 

Knowing if we are worth your time
So you and us can see if we are so to say, on the same page. The purpose is to quickly find out if there is a basis for you spending time with us. Or not.

  • Does your current turnover satisfy you?
  • Is your income high enough to buy all the things you want to have in life? 
  • Do you expect your business to have enough customers tomorrow?
  • Do you know what your biggest competitor is doing on the internet? 
  • Are you winning customers from them? Or losing instead?

Our veins and drives
Our company helps small and medium-sized businesses. We are focusing on financial service companies because that is in the veins of Rutger, one of the owners of our firm. We focus more specifically on bookkeeping, accounting and taxes due to it’s most important nature. Each and every business anywhere in the world should have arranged their books properly. If the numbers in your books don’t add up, your company has a serious issue.

From visitor to client
Before a client for you becomes a (paying) client, we call them your “audience’. Your audience is the visitors to your website. They can also be the people who visit you at one of the social media platforms your business is active on. When your website delivers a good user experience, you might win them as a client for your firm. Or, in plain English, your web visitor must be able to find what he is looking for easily.

Ease of navigation
Proper navigation is far from easy.There have been hundreds of research investigations for finding out when and why a visitor leaves a site. In general, we can say, if she cannot find what she is looking for, she will go (duh!). Most of the first-time visitors are only willing to spend a minimum number of seconds to find out if your site brings them value. 

What is Digital Marketing?

We are frequently asked by a lot of our older clients who have been in business for a while and are not sure, what digital marketing is, why it is important for them to have a digital presence if they have been in business for a long time, and whether it is necessary for them to integrate a digital marketing strategy into their particular type of business activity. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.

Since digital marketing is not going away any time soon, businesses need to look to the future and find ways to integrate digital marketing into their business model. Digital marketing provides an effective interface with which allows businesses to communicate and effectively understand what their customers and other interested parties want, and how to provide that to them, in a satisfying way.

Businesses that manage customer and audience interactions are ahead of the digital marketing game and will stay ahead of the competition. They understand that customers have more choice and with new businesses entering the market daily competing to be the number one business within their area, integrating digital marketing is a critical strategy to follow.

This will not only help them stay ahead of their nearest rivals and effectively manage their survival but will make them stronger in the long run. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.

As digital marketing provides many opportunities for consumers to interact with businesses and for businesses to learn from their customers in diverse ways, using data from sales and successful promotions and campaigns can be a useful aid for businesses to make critical financial decisions. For example, they can cut out the fat, by introducing new products and services which customers can buy or test.

Feedback from the conversations that consumers are having amongst themselves through social media channels, will help them make the decision on whether to scrap, alter or continue to sell the new addition. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.

How your existing and potentially new customers can view and consume your business communications can be varied. Digital marketing can be displayed in many forms, and there are many ways and means to get your customers attention:


Customers and audiences will get an idea of how well they can trust your business or brand through their experience as they interact with your business usually through a combination of inter connected devices that can include a smartphone, tablet, desktop computers, laptop, TV and gaming device. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.


Businesses will set up their brand for customer interaction and sell their products or services, using digital marketing, through a web browser or a mobile app using one of the key platforms or services, for example Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.


Digital marketing can be highly effective when using the different paid, owned and earned communications channels that include advertising locally or globally through search engines such as Google and Bing, email and messaging campaigns, as well as building up a following on social networks, where word of click is a great way to reach and engage with customers.


Since the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) rules were established most companies were unsure of how this would affect their ability to communicate with their customers effectively. Since this law has come into effect, businesses have been restricted on the data they can collect and keep on their customer profiles.

Customers must give explicit permission to opt-in to communications. Digital marketing is still possible via email, if the recipient has the option to opt-out of emails communications. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.

However, these changes have not greatly impacted most companies’ ability to continue to serve customers in a satisfying way, as they adapt to the new changes.

What is multi-channel Digital Marketing?

Multi-channel digital marketing is a phrase used by specialist digital marketing agencies and new media publications as a way of differentiating it from traditional Marketing.  As more and more people are now accessing businesses in a mobile economy, you need to be accessible, continuously engaged, and ready to interact with your consumers, through a wide range of digital platforms, channels, and devices.

One thing to look out for when you are posting your message across the board, is not to send out different messages when you are gaging customer reactions. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.

The Omnichannel

One way to ensure that you stay on message and maintain consistency, is to adopt the omnichannel method. True omnichannel digital marketing strategies should produce a wholesome experience for customers, when unified across all digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketers aim to create a multi-channel strategy for your business and question how your unique brand present themselves as a united front. If your customers are given mixed messaging and you are not consistent across all channels.

For example, the look and feel of your website does not match the branding, tone of voice, or overall look and feel of shopping in your store, they will not feel as secure in your brand and you could start losing trust. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.

Why do I need multi-channel Digital Marketing?

This strategy will apply to all your digital marketing activities, whether its online, in-store, via social media, etc. This is important because customers can now connect to multiple places at once, no matter what their geographic location is.

Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store, customers could be standing in the middle of your competitors store, while comparing your goods, prices and services through social media sites, blogs, emails, and your website. If you give your customers a better option than what is currently on offer, they are sure to buy from you instead.

Multi-channel digital marketing is a rewarding way for a business looking to connect with as many customers as possible in significant ways. Having a digital presence where you can reach consumers at multiple touch points across the consumer lifecycle, means you have a lot more opportunities to stay engaged to existing customers and potentially gain new ones along the way.

It is plain to see that Digital Marketing is a, must for all businesses, new and old to stay in the eyes and minds of anyone that comes into contact with them, if they want to continue operating a successful and trustworthy business. Digital Marketing Agency Denver believes every business should utilize digital marketing, and this will help significantly.

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